The Perfect DermaPeel vs. VI Peel

The Perfect Derma Peel, or Chemical peels, like those offered by Waverly DermSpa, can be the ideal solution for individuals who want to revitalize tired, aging skin, and add a touch of youth and luminescence to their appearance.

When designed and applied by an expert, The Perfect Derma Peel can significantly improve the texture and appearance of the skin, by using a chemical solution to remove dried-out, dead layers and allowing fresh, young, and smoother layers of skin to shine through.

Both women and men alike have used derma peels for a wide variety of aesthetic reasons, from banishing the appearance of deeper wrinkles, to correcting instances of mismatched skin tone.

If you feel unsure about whether a chemical peel is the right option for you, you may find that speaking to our board certified dermatologist, Dr. Maryann Mikhail about your goals and expectations is useful. Often times, talking to a certified medical aesthetician like our very own Faith Marcoe can also help you to define whether your expectations and goals are realistic, and you can even discuss the potential risks and benefits of your procedure.

Perfect Derma Peel

Although there are numerous different types of skin peels available out there to help you get the most out of your appearance, one of the most recent and popular options available today is Perfect Derma Peel.

In the recent months, Perfect Derma Peel offered by Waverly DermSpa has outsold the VI peel – gaining recognition as the only peel that uses Glutathione as a primary component.

Using a combination of salicylic acids, phenol, vitamin C, trichloracetic acid, and retinol to produce amazing, skin-rejuvenating results.

The use of the anti-oxidant Glutathione helps to reduce the harmful effects that free radicals can have upon healthy skin, while Kojic acid enhances collagen production, and brightens the skin, ensuring you look younger, and more vibrant than ever.

The Retinoic acid, Phenol, and trichloracetic acid work together to correct pigmentation problems and reduce wrinkles, while the salicylic acid reduces inflammation and exfoliates away dry, dead skin.

To find out whether you could benefit from the advantages of a Perfect derma peel, speak to our dermatologist or certified medical esthetician by booking your consultation appointment by calling our office at 954-666-3736.